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We have listed here the best and best friendship status for Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Friends are not chosen by birth or blood, but rather our own liking and choice. We make friends by matching our thinking and with whom we have spent quality time. Friendship video status is a way to mark a gesture for all your friends. Love and affection connect us with others, and we are always finding ways to show it. An easy way is to set our WhatsApp status or Facebook status.

To mark our friendship, Friendship Day is celebrated globally on the 1st Sunday of August. In 2019, this day was to be celebrated on 4 August. As the special day marks friendship day, we have to show our care for our friends. We can spend more time with them, send some good gifts, establish an excellent friendship video status on WhatsApp, Facebook. We present to you some of the best friendship statuses to choose from here.

Do you like sharing the status of friendship with friends, but you should know that friendship is not only sharing friendship status in Hindi because true friendship is not just meeting people, but it is about thoughts and feelings. We celebrate Friendship Day, and we try to show our affection to friends. If your friend is an attitude guy, then you can share attitude status with them instead of Friendship status.

We all have a true friend with whom we share our feelings and who helps us get rid of the problems that come our way. Friendship does not end even after death because many times, we have seen that even animals are not ready to leave the dead bodies of their friends even after their death due to accidents. In real life, we get few opportunities to show our affection towards our friends. So, we should not miss these opportunities to express our feelings. Apart from these changes, we also have WhatsApp, Facebook, where we can show his affection towards friends.

Finally, We are here with friendship status for you because we all know the power of friendship very well. Still, some selfish people are degrading the meaning of friendship. So it is showing adverse effects on the people of the world who are still very serious about the feeling of friendship. People of social sites in the modern world are making friends on social sites which are almost worthless because friendship is when people are at each other’s time & can come to help and have a real sense of friendship. Still, it cannot be obtained from the Internet or take a social site that uses emoticons during a chat. Here, we are not saying that social media friendship is almost useless every time because sometimes it leads to true friendship, but it happens less than one percent.

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