Positive Is The Energy



    (Hook) Say you is No you not You should know I Know I'm hot 4x

    (Verse) You say you is No you not You should know I know I'm hot Keep them hoes on they heels Squad with me Waka Flock I don't talk I just like to go right to the store and cop Get her to the room watch them muthafucking panties drop What's up doc? Is it rabbit season carrots in my watch By the dock used to stay on 87th by the block Now I shop at stores I'm on tour you can come and watch See my view from floors Girl your muthafucking heart a drop Drop Dropping a verse for you niggas it's the worst for you niggas These labels ain't got no type of thirst for you niggas No attention is a blessing and curse for you niggas Must be How It feel? Lovely Walking through the city with my bad bitch like a husky She a bite trust me Fresh as Kanye up in that Rugby Underground King Bun B! That's Real trill shit Rest in peace Pimp C by the way You know I'm always searching for that peace by the cake Bro and them moved to HP A week by the lake And a breeze all I need to release my escape Positive energy What can a nigga say got a lot of it in to me? A lot of new friends A lot assembly's All of the squad And got whole bunch of how to pretend to be's you knowing how it go tho Fufu

    (Hook) Maybe it's just me but all of that fake shit be so dead They be talking about us it's obvious they ain't getting no bread Living life like a rush I gotta make moves you ready go head Man I say I'm the shit cause that's what I meant and that's what I said

    Say you is no you not You should know I Know Im hot 4x

    (Bridge) Honor me like Big Honor me just like I'm fucking Pac Throw my fingers up Give a fuck if niggas getting shot I done seen a lot I done seen a lot of bodies drop Rule number one close yo mouth don't say shit to cops

    (Verse 2) Gotta keep secrets like it's law of attraction Im Part of the focus I'm a apart of the action I'm the life of the party when the party is cracking Keep your eyes wide open cause it's still no lacking Gotta few chill niggas got a few that's ratchets Taking W's with 9s they don't do that taxing What you need let me know... You know I stay with muthafucking plugs like a Hewlett-Packard We never know the name man who that chatting? How you tryna' run with a shoe that backwards? Huh Don't know can't answer My new shit so sick no cancer Now everybody wanna know where my hands where On the back of that ass of that danceer Shout my financier It's the republic the queens & kings love it we above it!


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